Emergence #3

New issue, now hitting the streets! This one includes contributions from: Nou, Danielle, Cullen Beckhorn, Drew Miller, Sam Moss, Jason Overby, Theo Ellsworth, Toby Leibowitz, Wyatt Hersey, Bjorn, Ben Nadler, and Joel Skavdahl.

Copies are available for free anywhere you can find them or can be purchased for the cost of shipping here.

Fall 2015 Festival Dates

Small Press Expo
September 19th + 20th
Bethesda, MD

Vancouver Art/Book Fair
October 17th + 18th
Vancouver, BC

Short Run
October 31st
Seattle, WA

Comic Arts Brooklyn
November 7th
Brooklyn, NY

Summer 2015 Festival Dates

Olympia Comics Festival
June 6th
Olympia, WA

Portland Zine Symposium
July 18th + 19th
Portland, OR

Emergence #2 for Free Comic Book Day

Emergence #2 is here!!! Most of our stockists have been sent a stack for Free Comic Book Day today, so go check out your local comic shop and pick one up.

This issue features contributions from: Joel Skavdahl, Ben Nadler, Cullen Beckhorn, Seamus Heffernan, Erin Tanner, Danielle Burton, Drew Miller, Jason Overby, Phoebe Wahl, Tessa Asato, Theo Ellsworth, Stefan Gruber, nsncv, Don Reniff, and Brandon Muncy.

If you don’t live near a rad local bookstore, copies are also available directly from Neoglyphic Media and we will be sending copies free with all online orders until they’re all gone!

Spring 2015 Festival Dates

Maine Comics Arts Festival
May 17th
Portland, ME

Vancouver Comic Arts Festival
May 23rd-24th
Vancouver, BC

In the Aftermath of BellCAF

The first Bellingham Comic Arts Festival was an amazing success!

Thanks to everyone who came to see what it was all about, and to all the exhibitors who came to share their work. Everyone put a lot into the show and it was apparent as you crossed the room and saw the astonishing high-caliber work from all the exhibitors. Thanks also to the volunteers who helped make the show go off without a problem!

Below are a couple photographs from the show:
Photos courtesy of Aaron Brick and Kody Bosch.

We are really happy to have been able to put on this show and so grateful for all the support! We are excited to see how the small-press community grows and to host another show like this when the time comes!

Bellingham Comic Arts Festival!

The Bellingham Comic Arts Festival (BellCAF) is a single day festival celebrating the diverse array of today’s cartoonists, illustrators and printmakers creating new and exciting work, whether it takes the form of comic books, zines, prints, graphic novels or something altogether weirder!

BellCAF will take place Saturday, March 14th 2015 from 12:00pm-7:00pm at:
The Majestic Hall
1027 N Forest St
Bellingham, WA 98225

So help spread the word!

BellCAF is organized by Neoglyphic Media

More information can be found at:

Seeds are Sewn

Joel Skavdahl’s SEEDS comics are finally being printed and they’re getting a deluxe treatment!

We’ll have pre-release copies available at both Comic Arts Brooklyn and Short Run this year, so come by and see them in their true splendor. These early copies do not yet include the mini-book that will come packaged with these comics, so we’re offering them for a discounted rate if you buy it now and we’ll mail you the mini-book as soon as it is printed.

For those who won’t be able to make it to either of these shows, we’re still offering pre-orders at a discount, but they will not ship until the mini-book is printed.

Check our tumblr for more preview images!

CAB, Short Run, New Releases!

November 8th – Comic Arts Brooklyn (Brooklyn, NY)

Comic Arts BrooklynWe’re headed back to CAB again this year where we’re going to be premiering Joel Skavdahl’s SEEDS #1-5 Print Set!

On top of that, we’ll have a new print from Ben Nadler, ‘Pioneers of Astrophysics‘, and ‘All Around Us‘, a HUGE newsprint poster created by Danielle Burton for Briana Marela.


November 30th – Short Run (Seattle, WA)

Short Run!This looks like the biggest Short Run yet and we going to be coming out in force for this one! Drew Miller, Cullen Beckhorn, Ben Nadler, and Joel Skavdahl will be running the table throughout the day.

Also, Drew Miller has a new short comic that will be featured in the Short Run festival anthology, On Your Marks #2, which will be risograph printed in an edition of 250!

Orbiter’s Prism by Drew Miller

For the occasion of the first ever RIPExpo in Providence, Rhode Island, we released a new short comic piece from Drew Miller, that comes as a self-contained story.
This time, Drew is working loose and expressive in a fully colored and painted style unlike his previous comics. Fans of Drew’s Poor Thing will find something different, but just as exciting!

Orbiter’s Prism will be available soon through many of our stockists or can be ordered direct.

Any direct orders will also include a free copy of the Emergence Newspaper while they last!