Neo – prefixal combining form – new

Glyphic – adjective – of, or pertaining to, symbolic or pictographic language

Neoglyphic Media primarily functions as a publishing platform operated by Cullen Beckhorn, writing to you now from behind this keyboard. It has grown out of the intersection of my abundant personal and aesthetic interests. Each project is approached individually and is developed from conversation and relationship with the artists who I’ve had the privilege to work with.

As an extension to publishing, Neoglyphic Media exists to further uplift work that moves me, and to serve as a hub for an extended network of artists. To that end, this website serves to distribute books, zines and other art objects beyond the work that I produce. At the intersection of impulse and opportunity, this can also become a platform for producing multi-media exhibitions or staging performances. I hope you’ll grab a cozy beverage and enjoy watching the tapestry I’m weaving ~




FAQ posed and addressed:::
1) Are you taking submissions? No, but it’s fun for me to see what you’re up to, and I appreciate receiving mail!

2) I run a store. Can I place a wholesale order? Absolutely! Get in touch through electronic mail and I’ll send you my latest wholesale list.

3) Does Neoglyphic Media offer internships?! Certainly! Email your resume and a cover letter. Design skills and a tolerance for eccentric personalities are essential.